SC/ST Cell

NIT Goa aims to create an inclusive and impartial atmosphere for people from various communities. SC/ST cells play a crucial role in safeguarding the rights and interests of Scheduled Castes (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST) students and employees at NIT Goa. The cell ensures the implementation of policies and laws aimed at promoting social equality, preventing discrimination, and addressing grievances specific to SC and ST communities. It also provides support, representation, and advocacy for SC/ST individuals facing issues such as discrimination, harassment, or unfair treatment. Additionally, they often work towards creating awareness, promoting education, and facilitating socio-economic empowerment among SC/ST populations.

Duties and Responsibilities of the SC/ST Cell:

  • 1. Ensure Equal opportunities, Protection of Right and Full Participation (Act 1995).
  • 2. Promotion of higher education among the SC/ST or weaker communities that are suffering from economic, social, and educational lacks.
  • 3. Evaluation of all matters related to SC/ST students and employees of the Institute including the reservation rules as per Government of India norms.
  • 4. Redressal of complaints related to SC/ST students and employees at NIT Goa.
  • 5. Follow-up measures for achieving the objectives and targets laid down by MoE, GoI for the empowerment of SC and ST.
  • 6. Regular supervision of the reservation policies and other programs intended for SC/ST by the GoI for their effective implementation at NIT Goa.
  • 7. Ensuring timely submission of SC/ST Reports I and II by each appointing authority under the Ministry/Department to the Ministry/Department and ensuring scrutiny and consolidation     of the above reports in respect of all establishments and services in and under the control of the Ministry/Department and sending the consolidated reports in the prescribed                proformas to the Department of Personnel & Training.

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Dr. T. Veerakumar

Liaison Officer(SC/ST Cell)

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The cell aims to ensure that anti-discrimination laws in the context of caste are followed in letter and in spirit. On grievances (if any), students are encouraged to approach the cell or fill in the enclosed Complaint Registration Form. The cell strives to ensure that anonymity is maintained throughout the investigation.