The academic programs are credit-based and are designed to be student-centric, contemporary and flexible with importance being given to co-curricular and extra-curricular components too. The approved structure, syllabus contents and regulations for the B. Tech Degree Program of NITG can be downloaded here:

  • Curriculum for II, III and IV Year Students
  • U.G Rules & Regulations (Common to all B.Tech Programmes)
  • P.G Rules & Regulations (Common to all M.Tech Programmes)
  • Ph.D. Rules & Regulations (Common to all Departments)
  • Academic Handbook of courses (U.G) (For all departments )
  • Academic Handbook of courses (P.G) ( For all departments )
  • B.Tech Report Format (Microsoft Word)
  • BTech Report Format (LateX)
  • M.Tech & Ph.D Dissertation Format (Microsoft Word)
  • M.Tech & Ph.D Dissertation Format (LateX)