Central Library of NIT Goa

Central Library of the National Institute of Technology Goa (NIT Goa) is a continuous growing organism with the compact features of documents, users and services. Its core objective is to support academics in knowledge generation through different educational activities, i.e., teaching and research. The library has the qualitative documents on subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering, Economics & Finance, Management, Professional Communication. Apart from these core collections, documents on other subjects are also available such as Hindi literature. The main focus of the library is to develop a qualitative collection with the books, journals, digital document, magazines and dailies. It is housed in a separate building where more than 10 thousand books, CD-ROMs, e-books are available. Moreover, library provides the access to the reputed international E-journals such as IEEE Xplore Digital Library, Springer, ACM Digital library, Elsevier (Back files), etc. Also, the NIT Goa library provides the access to selective E-books and the CMIE- ProwessIQ (Center for monitoring Indian Economy) database. The library automation software is used for housekeeping activities of NIT Goa library. It reminds and alerts to its users on their transactions, and assists them in searching in OPAC database to save the time. The NIT Goa library follows the recommendation method to procure the documents, to meet the knowledge needs of academicians. It is open for 12 hours in working day for reading purpose.

Library works with the following prime priorities;

· To fulfill the need of information.

· To provide the reading resource to every member.

· To be an active part of the educational programme as resource providing channel.

· To provide the solutions on academic, research and publication arena.

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