Name E-Mail Phone Number
Training & Placement Cell Dr. Lalat Indu Giri (Chairman)
Dr.  Venkatanareshbabu Kuppili (Convener)
Dr. Prasenjit Dey (Member)
RTI-Act Dr. Velavan Kathirvelu (Central Public Information Officer) -
Dr. Shangerganesh L. (Assistant Public Information Officer) -
Dr. C. Vyjayanthi (First Appellate Authority)
Dr. Velavan Kathirvelu (Chief Vigilance Officer)
Public Relations Officer Dr. Sarani Ghosal Mondal


Library Committee Dr. Pravati Swain (Chairperson)
Dr. Amol Rahulkar  (Member)
Dr. Shangerganesh L. (Member)
Dr. Harikumar M (Member) -
Dr. Prasenjit Dey (Member) -
Dr. Lokesh Kumar Bramhane (Member) -
Admissions  Dr. Ravi Ragoju (Centre Incharge - JoSAA/CSAB)

Dr. Sreeraj E.S. (Dy. Centre Incharge)
Dr. Venkatanareshbabu Kuppili (Centre Incharge - CCMT)

Dr. Raviprasad K.J (Dy. Centre Incharge)

Dr. Shivnarayan Patidar (Dy. Centre Incharge)
Dr. L. Shangerganesh (Centre Incharge - DASA)

Dr. Pragati Patel (Dy. Centre Incharge) -
Examination Cell In-Charge
Dr. S. Shivnarayan Patidar

Disciplinary Committee Dr. Damodar Reddy Edla (Chairperson)
Dr. T. Veerakumar (Convener)
Dr. Saidi Reddy Parne (Member)
Dr. Suresh Mikkili (Member)
Dr. Sarani Ghosal Mondal (Member)  
Research Committee Dr. Nithin Kumar Y.B. (Chairman)
Dr. B. Venugopal Reddy (Member)
Dr. Saidi Reddy Parne (Member)
Dr. Pravati Swain (Member)
Hostel Wardens
Dr. Mallikarjun Erramshetty (Chief Warden)
Dr. Mallikarjun Erramshetty (I Year Warden - Boys Hostel)
Dr. Venkatanareshbabu K (II Year Warden - Boys Hostel)
Dr. Lokesh Kumar Bramhane(III Year Warden - Boys Hostel)
Dr. Sunil Kumar A. (IV Year, M.Tech.,Ph.D. Warden & Guests - Boys Hostel)
Dr. Pravati Swain(I, II Year B.Tech & I year M.Tech. Warden - Girls Hostel)
Dr.  B.Santhi (III & IV Year B.Tech, II M.Tech & Ph.D & Guests Warden - Girls Hostel)
Community Outreach Cell
Dr. Prashanth G.R (Coordinator)
Dr. Sreeraj E.S. (Nodal Officer, Unnat Bharat Abhiyan)
Dr. Saidi Reddy Parne (Nodal Officer, Rashtriya Avishkar Abhiyan)
Dr. Venkatanareshbabu Kuppili (Nodal Officer, PMM Scheme)
Dr. Purushothama B.R. (Nodal Officer, Digital India)
MHRD GIAN Scheme Dr. Soumitra Das (Local Coordinator)

Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat

Dr. Sunil Kumar Ambrammal (Nodal Officer)
SC/ST Cell & PWD
Dr. T Veerakumar (Liaison Officer)
OBC & EWS Dr. Ragoju Ravi (Liaison Officer)
MIS and Web In-charge Dr. Mini S.
Grievance Redressal Committee

Institute Level Committee

Dean(FW) - Chairperson

Internal BoG Member - Member(Professor/Associate Professor)

Dean(SW)- Member

SC/ST Liaison Officer - Member

OBC/EWS Liaison Officer - Member

Assistant Registrar(Estt.) - Member

Registrar - Ex-Officiao

Departmental Committee Member:

Dept. of Applied Sciences & Humanities and Social Sciences :

1) HoD - Chairperson

2)Dr. Saidi Reddy Parne - Internal Dept. Member

3)Dr. Mini S. - Other Dept. Member


Department of Computer Science & Engg. :

1)HoD - Chairperson

2)Dr. Venkatanareshbabu K - Internal Dept. Member

3)Dr.Lalat Indu Giri -Other Dept. Member


Department of Civil Engg. :

1)HoD - Chairman

2)Dr.Pragati Patel - External Dept. Member

3)Dr.Mallikarjun E - Other Dept. Member


Dept. of Electrical & Electronics Engg. :

1)HoD - Chairman

2)Dr. Sreeraj E.S -Internal Dept. Member

3)Dr.Sarani Ghosal Mondal - Other Dept. Member


Dept. of Electonics & Communication Engg. :

1)HoD - Chairman

2)Dr.Anirban Chatterjee - Internal Dept. Member

3)Dr.Pravati Swain - Other Dept. Member


Department of Mechanical Engg. :

1)HoD - Chairperson

2)Dr.Prasenjit Dey - Internal Dept. Member

3)Dr.Shangerganesh- Other Dept. Member

Institute Anti-Ragging Committee (IARC) Dean SW (Chairman)
Chief Warden (Member)  
Registrar (Member)
Concerned HoD (Member)    
Liaison Officer (Member)    
Two 1st year students nominated by Dean (SW) (Member)    
Internal Committee on Gender Harassment Dr. Veena Thenkanidiyoor (Presiding Officer)
Dr. S. Mini (Member)
Dr. Shivnarayan Patidar (Member) -
Mrs. Sweta Jadhav (Staff Member)
Mr. Anand Gachichinamath (Staff Member)
NGO - As Nominated by Director (on case to case basis)    -
Student - As Nominated by Dean(SW) (on case to case basis)    
Research Advisory Committee (RAC) Dr. B. Venugopal Reddy (Chairperson)
Dr. T. Veerakumar (Member)
Dr. Purushothama B.R. (Member)
Dr. Sreeraj E.S. (Member)