Details Of MoUs

Sr. No

Date of Signing



Domain/ Selected scope of co-operations

1. 18.04.2024 05 years Airport Authority of India

[A] Aim

To create interest in Civil Aviation among students by:

• Supplementing theoretical knowledge with practical operations / working

• Giving exposure to students in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) / non-STEM domains

• Giving opportunity to work on small-duration projects related to Civil Aviation


Shall refer to the working arrangement between both the parties, as agreed, i.e.:

i.Being part of project implementation at Airport (Observe implementation & Learn)

ii. 2-5 days Familiarization (Visits / Workshops)

iii. 4-20 weeks Internship


The educational institutions in the vicinity of AAI Airports (25-40 km radius), can sign the MoU for their students undergoing Graduation / Post-Graduation / Professional degree courses.


The term of this Memorandum shall be for a period of 5 years from the date of its signing, and may be extended upon written mutual consent by both the Parties on the same terms & conditions or as agreed upon at that point of time.


Through this Memorandum, both the Parties affirm the value of industry academia collaboration and agree to promote the Internship Program as detailed in Annexure-I


i. No stipend or any remuneration would be paid to a participating student or University / College / Institute for any Program.

ii. Wherever feasible, necessary arrangements of transportation from college to airport and back during workshops / visits may be made by AAI, wherever the number of students is more than 20 and where the Second Party doesn’t have its own transport facility.

iii. Wherever feasible, arrangement of working lunch and provision of literature and books shall be made for students by AAI

2. 27.02.2024 05 years University Paris XIII named University Sorbonne Paris Nord – USPN

Scope of the cooperation

The partners will identify the areas of common interest and will define the projects they wish to develop together, in conformity with the law in force in each of the countries and within the limits determined by the Agreement. These may include the following activities:

a) The exchange of administrative staff, of professors and researchers.

b) The exchange of students.

c) The development of joint training programs.

d) The development of common research projects.

e) The common direction of PhDs and dissertations.

f) The writing of shared academic articles This collaboration can be extended to other areas by simple amendment.


Objectives of MoU’s:

1. To build competencies and engagement in 5G technologies in students and academic fraternity.

2. To enable projects at under-graduation and postgraduate level for students using the SG environment.

3. To encourage academia-industry engagement to ideate and develop 5G use cases.

4. To provide local access to 5G test setup for Startups and MSMEs around the institution.

5. Making Indian academia & startup ecosystem 6G ready.


1. In line with the budget announcement with an objective to build competencies and engagement in 5G technologies for students & startup communities, DoT is setting up one hundred SG Use case labs at Higher Educational Institutions across all States/Union territories to facilitate the development, experimentation of 5G applications in various socioeconomic verticals.

2. The use cases could span across socioeconomic verticals including education, agriculture, health, power, urban management, mining, logistics, resource management, tourism, sports, security, a-governance etc.

3. The scope of activities will be performed by TCIL in coordination with DoT, as per the implementation guidelines and will be termed as Implementation Agency (IA) here onwards.

4. This Agreement is intended to constitute, create, give effect to and contemplate a strategic partnership between INSTITUTION and TCIL in establishing a 5G Use case Lab. This document describes the framework of the Project to be entered into between the two parties.

5. New Projects can be initiated between INSTITUTION and TCIL under this Agreement by attaching hereto additional Addendums along with applicable schedules by mutual consent. The Project Agreements shall become effective upon execution by both parties, on the Effective Date of commencement of the corresponding Projects, after due approvals.

SCOPE OF 5G USE CASE LAB PROJECT: 1. Empanelment of domestic 5G and Use Cases vendors.

2. Installation coordination for setting up of Labs at selected institutions.

3. Oversight and coordination for O&M and utilization of labs for a period of 5 years.

4. Hosting of dedicated porta (Digital Network of 100 use case Labs) I reg performance monitoring, Remote O&M support, utilization of Labs by faculty, students, Hosting of dedicated porta (Digital Network of 100 use case Labs) I reg performance monitoring, Remote O&M support, utilization of Labs by faculty, students, startups.

5. Digital platform for networking and utilization of labs.

6. Digital platform for networking and utilization of labs

7. Supporting institutions to host hackathons.

8. Knowledge dissemination platform (web portal) for other institutions/students/startups etc., on use-cases being tested/developed/demonstrated.

9. Maintaining a database of 5G domestic vendors available, 5G devices (incl loT), and successful 5G projects/pilots related to Health, Agri, intelligent Transport systems, Industry 4.0 etc.

10. Providing other needful facilitation to Industry & Academia w.r.t IPRs.

4. 04/01/2024 03 years National Institute of Entrepreneurship and small business development (NIESBUD)

1. TrainingPrograms: NIESBUD specializes in providing entrepreneurship training programs and support initiatives for entrepreneurs. NIT GOA can contribute to these programs by sharing their expertise in business incubation, mentoring, and supporting startups. Collaboratively, both institutes can design comprehensive training programs that address both the theoretical and practical aspects of entrepreneurship.
2. Knowledge and Resource Sharing: NIESBUD and NIT GOA can collaborate to share their knowledge, research, and resources related to entrepreneurship and small business development. This can include sharing case studies, research findings, best practices, and success stories to enhance the learning experience for entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners.
3. Inclusive Entrepreneurship Collaboration: NIT Goa has a successful track record of teaching, research, consultancy, etc., providing them with the necessary infrastructure, mentorship, and networking opportunities. Collaborating with NIESBUD expands the reach of such support to a wider audience, including entrepreneurs from remote areas or underprivileged backgrounds, fostering inclusive entrepreneurship. This term is not intended to impose any specific obligations on NIT Goa.
4. International Collaborations: NIESBUD and NIT GOA can explore opportunities for international collaborations and partnerships with other organizations, institutions, and Governments working in the field of entrepreneurship. This can facilitate cross-border learning, exchange programs, and access to global networks, enhancing the exposure and opportunities for entrepreneurs associated with both institutions.
5. Joint Research Projects: NIESBUD and NIT GOA can collaborate on research projects related to entrepreneurship, small business development, and the socio-economic impact of startups. Joint research initiatives can lead to valuable insights and contribute to policy recommendations, fostering a favorable ecosystem for entrepreneurship at the National level.
6. Networking and Community Building: Both Institutions can jointly organize networking events, conferences, and workshops to bring together entrepreneurs, industry experts, investors, and policymakers. Such events can provide a platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and the formation of business networks, ultimately fostering a vibrant entrepreneurial community.
7. Policy Advocacy: Collaboration between NIESBUD and NIT GOA can strengthen their collective voice in advocating for favorable policies and regulatory frameworks that support entrepreneurship and small business development.

The other suggestive areas for the collaboration may be:

i. Organising Training of Trainers, Management Development Programmes, Entrepreneurship-cum-Skill Development Programmes, Entrepreneurship Development Programmes, Faculty Development Programmes for different target groups.
ii. Developing course curriculum and content on entrepreneurship.
iii. Cluster Development Activities.
iv. Identifying entrepreneurial opportunities and programs.
v. Establishment of an Incubation Centre for nurturing innovative ideas.
vi. Faculty and Knowledge Support.
vii. Handholding and Mentoring Support to Participants of International Training Programmes.
viii. Promoting entrepreneurial activities amongst the target groups.
ix. Any other activity that can be taken up to promote entrepreneurship development.

5. 29th November, 2023 2 Years Goa Institute of Public Administration & Rural Development (GIPARD)

This collaboration would enable  GIPARD:

(a)to conduct a number of training programmes thereby trying to achieve the targets as mandated in the State Training Policy of Goa.

(b)to cater to the training programmes for the Elected Representatives at the block levels and district levels.

(c)Joint Holding of Conference / Seminar / Workshop / Training /Symposia.

(d)Academic Collaboration

(e)Exchange of Knowledge Resource Sharing

The parties agree to cooperate in the following areas of activity:

(a)to conduct training programmes allotted by GIPARD.

(b)to provide faculty support in conducting the programmes at their premises.

(c)to collaborate in research activities wherever the need arises.

(d)to provide their infrastructure to conduct the training programmes, workshops, seminars, symposiums, etc.

(e)to promote collaborative academic exchange through faculty, students, lectures and publications.

(f)to provide funding for pilot projects by GIPARD upon the successful submission and evaluation of project proposals from NIT Goa.

(g)Joint submission of research proposals to the Government of India through GIPARD.

6. 25th November, 2023 2 Years BITS BioCyTiH Foundation

Joint pitching for externally funded R&D innovation /Project.

Joint development and organization.

Techno entrepreneurship programs.

Cyber physical systems.



2nd August 2023



INFLIBNET Centre, Gandhinagar, Gujarat

    To achieve the goal of submitting and accessing electronic theses and dissertations.


22nd June 2023

05 Years

Indian Institute of Technology Mandi (IIT Mandi), Himachal Pradesh.

    Academic and research collaboration.

    Exchange of students and faculty, as well as the exchange of academic information, scholarly materials, and publications.

    Admissions for NIT Goa students to pursue direct PhD/early PhD at IIT Mandi, Joint Ph.D./PG, subject to the policy approved by the appropriate body of the host institution.


06th June 2023

05 Years

Indian Institute of Technology Jammu (IIT Jammu), Jammu and Kashmir.

    Collaborating on research projects, joint Ph.D. supervisions, organization of workshops, seminars, etc.

    Exchange of students and faculty, academic information, scholarly materials, and publications, following the MOU rules.

    Admission of NIT Goa students for direct or early M.Tech/Ph.D. at IIT Jammu/joint Ph.D./PG, subject to the policy.

    Create a shared pool of faculty members in each basic discipline at IIT Jammu and NIT Goa.


26th May 2023

02 Years

Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology (MNNIT), Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh.

    Visits by and exchange of faculty members and research scholars.

    Exchange of information, including but not limited to, research publications of faculty members.

    Joint academic training programs.

    Joint research activities and supervision of research work.

    Joint curriculum and MOOCs development work.


15th May 2023

03 Years

Siemens Limited, Goa.

    Work together on the digitization of power systems, electrical, and computer-based projects in the distribution automation domain.


21st April 2023

05 Years

National Forensic Sciences University (NFSU), Goa Campus.

    To promote interest in the teaching and research activities of the respective institutions, both in general and in the specific fields of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, High-Performance Computing, Digital Forensics, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Forensic Chemistry and Toxicology, Questioned Documents, and Fingerprint Examination.


    The two Educational Institutions shall seek to promote: (i) Exchange of faculty and students for the mutual benefit of both institutions; (ii) Organize symposia, conferences, workshops, short courses, and meetings on research issues; (iii) Conduct joint research and continuing education programs.


10th April 2023

02 years

Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology (SVNIT) Surat, Gujarat.

    Visits by and exchanges of faculty members and research scholars.

    Exchange of information, including but not limited to, research publications of faculty members.

    Joint research activities and joint supervision of research work.

    Joint conferences or symposia on subjects of mutual interest.


20thNovember 2022

04 Years


Shraman Foundation For Creation of Shraman Foundation Scholarship

    The objective is to provide scholarships based on applications from NIT Goa students, following the eligibility and selection criteria outlined in the MoU.


14thSeptember 2022

03 years

Alcolab India LLP Goa, India


    Joint research and development projects in key fields that are of mutual interest, such as (but not limited to) cement, concrete, and the reuse of by-products/wastes.

    Organization of educational programs/training in Goa.

    Specialized hands-on, intense training focusing on theoretical concepts and practical industrial practices for students/faculty.

    Personnel exchange and visits for sharing knowledge and experience.


15th July 2022

05 Years


Directorate of Skill Development, Goa


    Upgrading ITIs with the upskilling of trainees in the state of Goa.


06th July 2022

05 Years


University of Agder, Norway

    Joint research projects in the field of mutual interests.

    Exchange of academic publications and reports.

    Organization of joint symposia, workshops, lectures, and conferences.

    Exchange of faculty and students.


19th May 2020

04 years



    Online yoga for Youth Empowerment and Skills Programme (YES) for students.

    Coping with stress and emotions through breath connection.

    Education: A holistic perspective.

    Interpersonal Relationships and People Skills.

    Responsibility, Initiative, and Leadership.

    Time Management and Teamwork.

    Healthy Habits and Environment.


04thNovember 2019

05 Years

Don Bosco College of Engineering, Goa

    To undertake joint research projects

    Publications and patents

    Knowledge sharing

    Placement & internships

    Areas of Research Co-operation:

    I. Image Processing

    II. Artificial Intelligence

    III. Thermography

    IV. Remote Sensing

    V. GIS

    VI. Robotics

    VII. Communication Engineering


    IX. Signal Processing

    X. Machine Learning

    XI. Social Media Mining

    XII. Software Defined Network and 5G

    XIII. Brain-Computer Interface


20th June 2019

03 years


    Exchange of faculty.

    Exchange of research scholars and students.

    Exchange of information and materials in fields of mutual interest.

    Collaboration in activities such as research projects, lectures, symposiums, etc.

    Implementation of joint cultural programs.


1st November 2018 

03 years


Siemens Limited, Goa. 

    Research and implementation of Big Data analytics and machine learning.

    Testing the products under diverse terms and conditions.


08th August 2018

05 Years


CSIR- National Institute of Oceanography, Goa

    Undertaking joint research projects with outcomes translated into industry applications.

    Collaborative publications and patents.

    Development of sensors for marine applications using optics/photonics.

    Advancements in marine instrumentation.

    Joint participation in research projects and publication efforts.

    Collaboration on academic projects.

    Conducting seminars and lectures on topics of mutual interest and relevance.

    Facilitating technology transfers.