Name E-Mail Phone Number
Training & Placement Cell Dr. Lalat Indu Giri (Chairman) 0832-2404213
Dr.  Anirban Chatterjee (Convener) 0832-2404220
Dr. Amol Rahulkar (Member) 0832-2404218
RTI-Act Dr. Velavan Kathirvelu (Central Public Information Officer) -
Dr. Shangerganesh L. (Assistant Public Information Officer) -
Dr. C. Vyjayanthi (First Appellate Authority) 0832-2404218
Dr. Velavan Kathirvelu (Chief Vigilance Officer) 0832-2404217
Public Relations Officer Dr. Sarani Ghosal Mondal



Library Committee Dr. Pravati Swain (Chairperson) -
Dr. Amol Rahulkar  (Member) 0832-2404218
Dr. Shangerganesh L. (Member) -
Dr. Harikumar M (Member) -
Dr. Prasenjit Dey (Member) -
Dr. Lokesh Kumar Bramhane (Member) -
Admissions  Dr. Suresh Mikkili(JoSAA) 0832-2404214
Dr. C. Vyjayanthi (CCMT) 0832-2404204
Dr. Ravi Ragoju (DASA) 9404715466
Examination Cell In-Charge
Dr. S. Shivnarayan Patidar
Disciplinary Committee Dr. Damodar Reddy Edla (Chairperson) 0832-2404216
Dr. T. Veerakumar (Convener) 0832-2404204
Dr. Saidi Reddy Parne (Member) 0832-2404201
Dr. Suresh Mikkili (Member) 0832-2404214
Dr. Sarani Ghosal Mondal (Member)  
Research Committee Dr. Nithin Kumar Y.B. (Chairman) 0832-2404220
Dr. B. Venugopal Reddy (Member) 0832-2404214
Dr. Saidi Reddy Parne (Member) 0832-2404201
Dr. Pravati Swain (Member) 0832-2404212
Hostel Wardens
Dr. Ravi Ragoju (Chief Warden) -
Dr. Mallikarjun Erramshetty (Warden-Boys Hostel) 0832-2404204
Dr. Sunil Kumar A. (Warden - D1 & D3) -
Dr. Venkatanareshbabu K (Warden - D4 & D6) -
Dr.  B.Santhi (Warden-Girls Hostel) -
Community Outreach Cell
Dr. Prashanth G.R (Coordinator) 0832-2404212
Dr. Sreeraj E.S. (Nodal Officer, Unnat Bharat Abhiyan) 0832-2404218
Dr. Saidi Reddy Parne (Nodal Officer, Rashtriya Avishkar Abhiyan) 0832-2404201
Dr. Venkatanareshbabu Kuppili (Nodal Officer, PMM Scheme)
Dr. Purushothama B.R. (Nodal Officer, Digital India) 0832-2404216
MHRD GIAN Scheme Dr. Soumitra Das (Local Coordinator) 0832-2404218

Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat

Dr. Sunil Kumar Ambrammal (Nodal Officer) -
SC/ST Cell & PWD
Dr. T Veerakumar (Liaison Officer) 0832-2404210
OBC & EWS Dr. Ragoju Ravi (Liaison Officer) -
MIS and Web In-charge Dr. T. Veerakumar 0832-2404210
Grievance Redressal Committee

Institute Level Committee

Dean(FW) - Chairperson

Internal BoG Member - Member(Professor/Associate Professor)

Dean(SW)- Member

SC/ST Liaison Officer - Member

OBC/EWS Liaison Officer - Member

Assistant Registrar(Estt.) - Member

Registrar - Ex-Officiao

Departmental Committee Member:

Dept. of Applied Sciences & Humanities and Social Sciences :

1) HoD - Chairperson

2)Dr. Saidi Reddy Parne - Internal Dept. Member

3)Dr. Mini S. - Other Dept. Member


Department of Computer Science & Engg. :

1)HoD - Chairperson

2)Dr. Venkatanareshbabu K - Internal Dept. Member

3)Dr.Lalat Indu Giri -Other Dept. Member


Department of Civil Engg. :

1)HoD - Chairman

2)Dr.Pragati Patel - External Dept. Member

3)Dr.Mallikarjun E - Other Dept. Member


Dept. of Electrical & Electronics Engg. :

1)HoD - Chairman

2)Dr. Sreeraj E.S -Internal Dept. Member

3)Dr.Sarani Ghosal Mondal - Other Dept. Member


Dept. of Electonics & Communication Engg. :

1)HoD - Chairman

2)Dr.Anirban Chatterjee - Internal Dept. Member

3)Dr.Pravati Swain - Other Dept. Member


Department of Mechanical Engg. :

1)HoD - Chairperson

2)Dr.Prasenjit Dey - Internal Dept. Member

3)Dr.Shangerganesh- Other Dept. Member

Chief Warden (Member)  
Registrar (Member) 0832-2404221
Concerned HoD (Member)    
Liaison Officer (Member)    
Two 1st year students nominated by Dean (SW) (Member)    
Internal Committee on Gender Harassment Dr. Veena Thenkanidiyoor (Presiding Officer) 0832-2404216
Dr. S. Mini (Member) -
Dr. Shivnarayan Patidar (Member) -
Mrs. Sweta Jadhav (Staff Member) 0832-2404206
Mr. Anand Gachichinamath (Staff Member) 0832-2404206
NGO - As Nominated by Director (on case to case basis)    -
Student - As Nominated by Dean(SW) (on case to case basis)    
Research Advisory Committee (RAC) Dr. B. Venugopal Reddy (Chairperson) 0832-2404214
Dr. T. Veerakumar (Member) 0832-2404204
Dr. Purushothama B.R. (Member) 0832-2404216
Dr. Sreeraj E.S. (Member) 0832-2404218