Electronics and Communication Engineering

Foundation Courses (Fndn)
EC101 Elements of of Electronics& Communication Engineering
Programme Specific Core (PSC)
EC200 Analog Electronics Circuits
EC201 Signals and Systems
EC202 Digital Electronics
EC203 Electromagnetic Waves
EC204 Mathematics for E&C Engg.
EC205 Analog Electronic Circuits Lab
EC206 Digital Electronic Circuits Lab
EC207 Signals and Systems Lab
EC250 Linear Integrated Circuits
EC251 Analog Communication
EC252 Microprocessors
EC253 Digital Computer Organisation & Architecture
EC254 Linear Integrated Circuits Lab
EC255 Microprocessor Lab
EC290 Seminar
EC300 Digital System Design
EC301 Antennas and Propagation
EC302 Digital Communications
EC303 Linear Control Systems
EC304 Digital System Design Lab
EC305 Basic Communications Lab
EC350 Digital Signal Processing
EC351 VLSI Design
EC352 Microwave Engg & Optical Communication
EC353 Communication Networks
EC354 Digital Signal Processing Lab
EC355 VLSI Design Lab
EC356 Advanced Communication Lab
EC440 Practical Training 1
Programme Specific Elective (PSE)
EC400 Data Structures & Algorithms
EC401 Power Electronics
EC402 Opto-Electronics
EC403 VLSI Testing & Testability
EC404 Active Filters and Data Converters
EC405 Advanced Computer Architecture
EC406 Logic Synthesis & Techniques
EC407 Electronic Instrumentation
EC408 Biomedical Instrumentation
EC409 DSP Systems and Architecture
EC410 Advanced Digital Signal Processing
EC411 Speech and Image Processing
EC412 Embedded Systems
EC413 Operating Systems
EC414 TV Engineering
EC415 Satellite Communication
EC416 Fiber Optic Technology & Applications
EC417 Radar & Electronic Navigation Systems
EC418 Wireless Mobile Communication
EC419 Spread Spectrum Communications
EC420 Information Theory and Coding
EC421 Error Control Coding
EC422 Electromagnetic Interference & Compatibility
EC423 Adhoc and Sensor Networks
EC424 Digital Signal Compression
EC425 Soft Computing
Open Electives (OE)
EC407 Electronic Instrumentation
EC408 Biomedical Instrumentation
EC412 Embedded Systems
EC425 Soft Computing
Programme Major Project (PMP)
EC449 Major Project – I
EC499 Major Project - II

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