Special Manpower Development Programme

               The world’s electronic industry expected to be $ 2.4 Trillion and Indian electronic market is expected to be $ 400 Billion by 2020.  Thanks to the semiconductor technology, which is the heart electronic industry able to fabricate stringent analog and digital system. The Semiconductor technology started from Integrated Circuit [IC] in 1958, then small scale integration, moved to medium scale integration and finally to Very Large Scale Integration [VLSI] in-order to meet the ever increasing complex electronic systems through the scaling of technology. Currently technology is in the era of System on Chip (SoC), where the process involves miniaturization of entire electronic system.  To meet the India’s semiconductor requirement i.e. skill intensive man power, Department of Electronics and Information Technology (Diety) executed Special Manpower Development Programme (SMDP-I) and SMDP-II.

Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (Meity) started third phase of SMDP in 2014, which is known as SMDP-C2SD to meet the current requirement of VLSI/SoC/System Design. The goal of the programme is not limited to promotion of R&D in VLSI/SoC/System Design but also promote the quality researcher in the country through network PhD Programme. The outcome help to develop Intellectual Property in the country.

NIT Goa is one of the new Participating Institute (Category III), mentored by the cluster programme of IIT Roorkee. The other PI’s in the cluster are NIT Jalandhar, NIT Patna, NIT Uttarakand.  Under SMDP-C2SD programme NIT Goa proposed two ASICs even though this is the first time participation.  The research output yielded 14 publications in reputed IEEE Conferences/Journals and Two Patents are in filing stage. As a part of SMDP activity NIT Goa coordinated 4th ZoPP Workshop during 25-26th of October 2018 at “The International center Goa”, Dona Paula, Panaji.