The main objective of communication research group in the ECE dept. is to supervising the current research activities in the broad area of Communication Engineering. The faculty members belongs to this group are:

Dr. Trilochan Panigrahi
Dr. Anirban Chatterjee
Dr. Pragati Patel
Dr. MallikarjunErramshetty

        Presently the major research area of the faculty members of this research group are:Channel Equalization, IoT Based Smart Systems, Visible Light and Power Line based Communication,Antennas, Microwave engineering, Soft computing, Image Rejection in Modern Receiver Systems,Wireless Power Transmission, Microwave Imaging, Terahertz Imaging, Inverse Problems etc..Presently the group is handling seven 07 numbers of sponsored projects in the area of Antennas,Channel Equalization, IoT Based Noise Level Assessment System, IoT Based Air Pollution Monitoring System, Visible Light and Power Line based Communication. The faculty members of this group has published more than 27 number of SCI journals and various reputed conferences in India as well as abroad. Presently the group members are guiding seven 07 numbers of research scholars. The communication research group has conducted two GIAN course and one DST sponsored workshop at NIT Goa.

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