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26 Dec 2018

The lower student size and a higher student to professor ratio means that the professors are better able to pay attention to individual students.


 About NIT Goa: 

 NIT Goa undoubtedly is one of the top institutions in the state and country today. The curriculum is on par with that of other NIT like   Surathkal, Trichy, Warangal etc. The lower student size and a higher student to professor ratio means that the professors   are better able to pay attention to individual students. The institute has a robust and excellent infrastructure for the courses   currently offered. The institute understands the need for well rounded education and as a reason the curriculum is designed in a way   which is industry relevant and includes courses like business communication and economics apart from the technical courses. 


About the Electronics and Communication Department: 

The ECE department of NIT Goa, is equipped with highly intelligent faculty with doctorates from top technology institutes of the country. The one thing that differentiates the ECE faculty from other departments is their open culture, the professors are easily accessible and very down to earth despite their high credentials. This promotes strong interaction and learning environment where students can talk to professors about any difficulties or any issue they are facing openly. I find that institutes all over the country should adopt such a culture because tech courses are highly stressful and institutes need to show that they care about the students. 


 My experience: 

NIT Goa is a place which stimulated my intellectual curiosity. It was the place that molded me into what I am today. 

I chose ECE as a field of study because it was something that interested me very much. Especially the fact that you learn a lot of the fundamentals of both computer science and electrical engineering during the course. It also opens up a broad array of opportunities for higher studies. 
Although I had a strong interest in technology, I found my calling in finance and economics and thanks to one of the courses offered at NIT Goa.

At NIT Goa you will find that the institute gives you excellent opportunities to pursue extracurricular and Co curricular activities. I was part of SPIE in their Laser Mission 10x whose goal was to develop intellectual curiosity about technology in school students

I was also given the opportunity to be the Joint Secretary of the ECE students council and we organized various workshops and organized NIT Goa's first techno cultural fest. 

After graduating from NIT Goa. I pursued my MBA at IIM Indore and am currently working as Investment Banking Analyst at HSBC Global Banking Markets  which is the investment banking devision of HSBC. So you might start your education/career from one place but you never know where you might end up and that's what makes life interesting. In fact in today's interconnected world you will find that the lines between various fields are blurring and you will find that technology is getting integrated into various fields of study today. So it's important to learn whatever you want to and pursue whatever interests dear to you. NIT Goa is the perfect place to start your journey. 

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