Alumni Feedback Detail

26 Dec 2018

The essence of the department lies in the supportive faculty, gentle seniors, informative and research oriented ambiance.


It’s really a matter of pride to be recognized as a student of the National Institute

of Technology Goa. The institute offers different technical courses for under

graduates and post-graduate students in various fields.

When it comes to the department of ECE, it offers a Master’s course in VLSI. The

essence of the department lies in the supportive faculty, gentle seniors, informative

and research oriented ambiance. It helped me not only in the growth of the

technical understanding but also improvement of the overall personality.

The department organizes a various programs which invites the distinguished

people in the field of microelectronics every year to conduct guest lectures and

seminars, also helps in enhancement of the knowledge and to expertise over a

certain field.

The VLSI department also has a collaboration with foreign universities.

Through a series of courses called GIAN course, the renowned

personage had been called for the talk from the foreign universities, where we got to

know about the state of art technologies along with opportunities for the doctoral courses in the relevant university.

Now, currently I am a Ph.D. student in the University of Pavia and in parallel

working as an intern in the Infineon Technologies, Austria AG.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the all faculty members, technical,

nontechnical staff, and administrative staff for their support and mentorship.

Thank you NIT Goa for making two years of journey such a memorable and


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